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Reporting on our economy

Stats NZ

Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand is being developed by Stats NZ as a source of measures for New Zealand’s wellbeing. The set of indicators will go beyond economic measures, such as gross domestic product (GDP), to include wellbeing and sustainable development.

Indicators that StatsNZ has information on will be populated with data when we release our website in late June 2019.

New Zealand Treasury (Kaitohutohu Kaupapa Rawa)

This is the central public service department of New Zealand charged with advising the Government on economic policy, assisting with improving the performance of New Zealand’s economy, and managing financial resources.

Treasury has four main functions:

  • Provide advice to improve economic and fiscal conditions for high levels of economic growth and improved living standards.
  • Monitor and manage the financial affairs of the Crown.
  • Assess and test other Government agencies’ advice and proposals that have economic and financial implications.
  • Provide leadership, with other central agencies, to develop a high-performing State sector.