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Was Davos2020 successful?

By Environmental, International

DAVOS – The focus: Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World

7 themes: ♦ Society and the Future of work  ♦ Tech for Good ♦ Beyond Geopolitics ♦ Healthy Futures ♦ Better Business  ♦ Fair Economics  ♦ How to save the planet

829 public speakers  223 webcast sessions  approximately 3,000 attendees (business and political leaders)

DAVOS – The feedback: twitter network #DAVOS2020 comprised

16,834 tweeters 34,783 tweets, including: 840 Replies to  6330 Retwees 1944 Tweets  5741 Mentions  3,751 unique hastags (56,128 in total)

The Insights: The top liked and retweeted tweets in the #DAVOS2020 network.

 Donald Trump  and GOP – climate change deniers

  • From @scavino45  A great day for the United States of America at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland! “AMERICA is thriving. AMERICA is flourishing – and yes, AMERICA is WINNING again!” @POTUS @realDonaldTrump



  • From @varneyco STU: “This trial is entirely political. I hope there are consequences to this #impeachment charade, and those consequences will be imposed at the ballot box.” #Davos2020 #2020Election #MyTake #VarneyCo



  • From @GOP “For the first time in decades, we are no longer simply concentrating wealth in the hands of a few.  We’re concentrating and creating the most inclusive economy ever to exist.  We are lifting up Americans of every race, color, religion, and creed.” -@realDonaldTrump



 GretaThunberg – climate change advocate

  • From @cbsnews Greta Thunberg breaks from panel question to read data on climate change: “I know you don’t want to talk about this. But I assure you, I will continue to repeat these numbers until you do.”



  • From @syngenta #ClimateChange is impacting #Farming around the 🗺️world: 🇺🇸 Worst torrential floods 🇫🇷 Highest temperatures ever measured  🇦🇺 Worst drought on record #WEF20 #FarmersAndClimate #wef2020 #davos2020 #davos



  • From @ash_stewart_ This is massive news for Dubai: we’re getting in on this #GlobalGoalLive aka ‘Live Aid’ mega event — featuring @lizzo @MileyCyrus @coldplay @weareoneEXO @aliciakeys @billieeilish and SO many more

The outcomes: Did Davos2020 make progress?

The tweets illustrate the dichotomy within the “sustainability climateaction” space – no problem versus urgent action.

Although cbsnews’ tweet about Gretathunberg’s presentation was the most liked and retweeted in the network – the influence of @realdonaldtrump and @POTUS amplified by @scavino45 and @varneyco (foxnews presenter) showed that many tweeters support the policies of the @realdonaldtrump @POTUS.

The hope: Davos took place against the backdrop of environmental disasters such as fires and drought in Australia, floods in Indonesia and extreme threats to the planets biodiversity and ecosystems across the planet.

Does the #Davos2020 network show a glimmer of hope?

A tweet to @GretaThunberg succinctly stated the enormous challenge:

Did you know? 1. Global crop failures hit at 1.5- 2°C.  2. Billions die at 3°C. 3. Most humans dead at 4°C. 4. Earth uninhabitable at 6°C. 

  • We’re heading for 1.5°C by 2025.
  • We’re heading for 2°C by 2035.
  • We’re heading for 4- 6°C by 2075.  Business as usual #Davos2020 ??  200 retweeted by 53

2 weeks on from Davos – prehaps the voice of those championing climateaction at Davos2020 is being heard #climatechange #sustainability #equality #genderequity #futureofwork, but is that progress?

The reality

Climate action requires global action, cooperation, agreement to goals and commitment to the Paris Agreement. If assisting governments and institutions in the tracking progress towards the Paris Agreement was a important objective of DAVOS – it was barely mentioned by the 16,834 tweeters.

Only 0.002% of tweets at #Davos2020 mentioned anything relating to the Paris Agreement- the planet’s only global forum with the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Tweets relating to the Paris Agreement

From @assaadrazzouk

Top 10 Davos Banks Pumping Billions to Accelerate #ClimateEmergency ($bn since Paris agreement signed):

1 JP Morgan $196
2 Citi $130
3 BofA $107
4 RBC $101
5 Barclays $85
6 MUFG $80
7 TD Bank $74
8 Scotiabank $70
9 Mizuho $68
10 Morgan Stanley $67 #Davos2020 60 retweet 65


From @dw_deutsch 

  • Bundeskanzlerin #Merkel hat auf dem Weltwirtschaftsforum #Davos2020 einen stärkeren Klimaschutz angemahnt. . Die Frage, ob die Ziele des Pariser Klimaschutzabkommens erreicht werden, könne eine Frage des Überlebens werden. 9 retweeted 9
    • Chancellor #Merkel urged greater climate protection at the World Economic Forum # Davos2020. , The question of whether the goals of the Paris climate protection agreement can be achieved could become a question of survival.
  • Sollte das Pariser Klimaabkommen scheitern, sei das eine “existenzielle Bedrohung”, sagte Bundeskanzlerin Angela 18 retweeted 13
    • Should the Paris climate agreement fail, it would be an “existential threat,” said Chancellor Angela #Merkel at the World Economic Forum

From @comsats_en

#Global initiative (@1t_org) for the conservation of 1⃣ #trilliontrees🌳 launched at #WEF2020. 👉 @Benioff @salesforce @wef #WEF20 #ClimateAction #SDG13 #biodiversity #reforestation #ClimateChange #ParisAgreement @ClimateChangePK @WWF #Davos #Davos2020 2 retweeted 1

Early reaction to Simon Bridges discussion document

By Political
  • This graph represents a network of 1,239 Twitter users whose recent tweets contained “simonjbridges”, or who were replied to or mentioned in those tweets.  The network was obtained from Twitter 18-26 August 2019 at 05:05 UTC

1,239 people were tweeting

4820 converations took place

  • 114 tweets
  • 4616 mentions

2335 people replied to tweets in the simonjbridges network

Most frequent words in network


10 Top hashtags


Top word pairs in network


Most popular tweets in network

Spot the difference. ♥ 349  RT 57 


New Zealanders are being fleeced at the petrol pump. The reality is that the biggest fleecer is Jacinda Ardern’s Government with all the taxes it’s piled on. 304 RT 100

Popularity of tweets from Simonjbridges

20/08/2019New Zealanders are being fleeced at the petrol pump. The reality is that the biggest fleecer is Jacinda Ardern’s Government with all the taxes it’s piled on.
24/08/2019The Prime Minister spoke in riddles this week about Ihumātao, saying she speaks directly to herself. It’s time to speak directly to the protesters by telling them there will be no sweetheart deals, so it’s time to go home and let some houses be built.18339
19/08/2019Talk of law changes for prison letters by the PM today are simply excuses to deflect from Kelvin Davis & Corrections being asleep at the wheel. The law doesn’t need to change. Kelvin & Corrections just need to wake up & do their job properly.14926
25/08/2019I’ve just launched our Economic Discussion Document. We’re doing the work now in Opposition so we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020.6322
25/08/2019We’ll repeal 100 regulations in our first six months of office and eliminate two old regulations for every new one we introduce in our first term.447
21/08/2019Speaking at the @Infra_NZ Building Nations Symposium today. My Government will invest in the infrastructure to get New Zealand moving.425
25/08/2019We’ll make sure there is quality cost-benefit analysis for any major new regulation, ensuring the Treasury has a greater focus on providing sound advice on the effectiveness of Government spending, identifying wasteful spending and driving higher public sector productivity.356
25/08/2019We’ll establish a ‘Small Business Payments Guarantee’ to make sure more small businesses get paid on time.143
25/08/2019We’ll require all government departments and government agencies to pay their contractors on time and within 30 days.103
21/08/2019Phil Twyford tells Infrastructure NZ conference: “Decision by Cabinet early in the new year” on light rail. This is the project the PM promised would be finished (to Mt Roskill) by 2021! There’s no chance you’ll be running down Dom Rd in your undies @simonjbridges09
20/08/2019Spot the difference.
21/08/2019The Government could reduce petrol prices tomorrow if they really wanted to. But they’re raising taxes instead. National will get rid of the Regional Fuel Tax, saving you 11.5 cents a litre.031
22/08/2019Pretty clear who’s making the most sense on Ihumātao. And it’s not the Prime Minister.059
22/08/2019Labour cancelling vital transport projects to muck around with a slow tram in Auckland has left the sector with nothing to work on, pushing NZ closer to an infrastructure crisis. If work doesn’t start soon on major projects, we’ll lose our construction workforce to Australia.029
22/08/2019Petrol prices…
23/08/2019Will the Government rule out more fuel taxes?
25/08/2019The Government has been working behind closed doors on a law change to ban petrol and diesel vehicles. Seems like their only policies are taxes or bans. You can’t trust this Government.059
26/08/2019New Zealand’s economy is driven by hardworking small business owners. Every Government should do what it can to reduce costs and uncertainty so that our small businesses have the confidence to take risks, invest, hire new staff and lift wages.011