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“Over 4 million on #Climatestrike today.  If you belong to the small number of people who feel threatened by us, then we have some very bad news for you: This is the just the beginning”.

  • This is part of the tweet from Greta Thunberg.  Of all the tweets she has sent this is the one that received the most likes 💗 190.3K.
  • It is truly amazing how the #climatestrikes are such a force in holding politicians accountable for taking action on climate change.
  • The most-liked tweet in the fridaysforfuture network states:

Early numbers confirm at least 7 million people joined the #weekforfuture climate strikes! Thank you everyone, especially the local organisers! The #weekforfuture is one of the biggest global demonstrations in history. This is just the beginning! @gretathunburg 28 September 💗 72K

Frequency of Hashtags used in #FridaysForFuture

Tracking the hashtags over the last 9 months there are many issues that FridaysForFuture have drawn attention to – the ones that are the most shared most consistently in the top 6 (excluding Fridays for Future) key messages for the group are:

  • #climatestrike (41k)
  • #climateaction (25k)
  • #fightfor1pointfive (5k)
  • #mindthegap (13k)
  • #facetheclimateemergency (26k)
  • #nomoreemptypromises (24k)

and more recently

  • #uprootthesystem (21k)


Activism is a defining feature of #FridaysForFuture – specifically #climatestrike.

The geolocation data shows that climate strikes are prevalent within

  • Germany,
  • Netherlands
  • Nordic countries,
  • UK
  • Ireland

but less prevalent in

  • France,
  • Portugal, and
  • Spain.

However, with 108 countries are currently listed as taking part – this is a major force for change.