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Twitter Insights

The following twitter networks were sampled on 23 September 

  • @JacindaArdern + @nzlabour
  • @JudithCollinmp +@nznationalparty
  • @WinstonPeters + @NZFirst
  • @MaramaDavidson + @Jamespeshaw +@nzgreens

Approximately 37, 995 unique tweets were obtained

It is challenging to view this number of tweets, however, analysis of hashtags can provide insight.

Insights from hashtags

Looking at the hashtags shows the most prevalent issue for both the National and Labour parties concerns the current situation of migrants.

The most frequent hashtags are:

  • #allowsback¬† (11,541) #migrantslivesmatter (11,501) #ourhometoo (7302) #migrantlivesmatter #migrantstuckoffhshore (4,891) #nzstudentvisadelay (1,668)

Interesting this is not an issue that is being written or talk about in the mainstream media.

Other issues prevalent on twitter but not in the mainstream media are:

  • #banliveexportnz (2,494).¬† This issue is also represented by the hashtags #alleyesonnz (2,481) & #gulflivesstock1 (612)

Includes hashtags associated with migrant issues

Excludes hashtags associated with migrant issues

Other issues discussed by tweeters