Tougher than cancer

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The conference saw an increase in twitter activity 1,740 tweeter users were active with x tweets sent during in the period x 8.30 Saturday to 11.55 pm Sunday y

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#1 climate emergency

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“i don’t believe there is a climate emergency”. The words of @simonjbridges on @radionz today, a man who is ignoring science & the work of people 1000 times smarter. disappointing, depressing, & entirely expected. 

There were many tweets in response to this –

@davidfarrier @simonjbridges @radionz Calm the farm mate, and stop quoting him out of context. Bridges actually said he viewed climate change extremely seriously but, like many rational people, objected to the term ‘emergency’. Sorry to let the facts intrude. Carry on. This received ❤ likes and 1 Retweet


#2 Finance spokesperson

This is how careful my new finance spokesperson is with money.

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The $10k watch tells us how he is with money.

The missing cufflinks tell us he forgets important details.


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#3 Illegal firearms

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Let’s get tough on illegal firearms users not law abiding New Zealanders

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The Christchurch terrorist purchased his weapons legally.

#4 Proposed Cancer Agency

25 Jul

1:59 AM

Tweets from Simonjbridges

A privilege to present Blair Vining’s petition for better cancer care to Parliament today.


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Responses to simonjbridges tweets 
27 Jul

9:38 PM

My Government will invest in the cancer treatment New Zealanders deserve.RT 35


28 Jul

1:58 AM

National pledges $200m for cancer drugs if it wins in 2020


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28 Jul

1:04 AM

Nine years to fix cancer care but didn’t. It was only 4 years ago National wound up Cancer Control NZ, now they say they want a National Cancer Agency.

9 years of health cuts, underfunding, workforce shortages, people working under increasing pressure.

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29 Jul

4:05 AM

Last week at Parliament I accepted Blair Vining’s 140,000-strong petition for better cancer care. Yesterday I was honoured to announce my Govt will deliver cancer care Kiwis like Blair deserve.

We’ll invest $200m extra into cancer drugs and establish a National Cancer Agency.

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28 Jul



I get irritated at the playing of politics with evidence-based medicine. Under last National led government there was disinvestment in clinical guideline development (most of which were cancer). These guidelines ensured rigour in the assessment of access, diagnosis & treatment1/ 50

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