Social media does not just describe reality – it creates the reality it describes

this is the power of social media – adapted from Desmund Tutu

Our purpose

Harness the positive power of social media

Data visualisation

We use data from social media to help visualize online discussions and provide a clearer understanding of current thinking.

COP27  will take place 7 – 18 November 2022

at Sharm el-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

Prior to COP26 the UN Secretary-General tweeted:

“We are weeks away from #COP26, but seemingly light years away from reaching our #ClimateAction targets. We need more ambition from all countries in three key areas — mitigation, finance, and adaptation. We must get serious. And we must act fast.

  • To gain insights as to what is resonating on Twitter about COP27 we will download tweets from Twitter on a weekly basis.
  • The first cop27 dataset we downloaded on 2nd August 2022, it contains 18k tweets (including retweets and mentions)

COP27 Dashboard

Analysis of COP26 tweets

Analyse data sets

  • We download publicly available datasets from Twitter to identify trends and insights

The cop26 dataset contains:

  • Twitter data from more than 23 time periods
  •  > 400k rows of data
  • Analysis of >270M Retweets
  • Geolocation of tweets
  • Influencer analysis

You can use the PowerBI dashboard to: 

  • Search for tweets
  • find out more info about tweeters e.g. who tweets the most, who gets the most likes etc
  • changes over time e.g. top hashtags in each dataset
  • find the URLs and media that have been tweeted

" Failing to decide is the same as deciding to fail" IPCC's response to COP26

The facts show climate action is too slow

  • The Paris Agreement in 2015 was the key milestone in gaining agreement from 196 countries to limit global warming to below 2 degrees, whilst acknowledging that 2 degrees would be a catastrophe.
  • Since 2015 very little progress has been made – COP26 2021 is being seen as a make or break time.
  • Although an issue of debate, many scientists state that our current trajectory will lead to the planet warming by more than 2 degrees.

Russian Ukraine Conflict

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – @mfa_russia is one of the Twitter accounts associated with the spread of misinformation

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In-depth analysis of Twitter trends related to COP26 and climate issues

Updated Power BI dashboards & data visualisations to provide insight, context, and momentum relating to Climate Action

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