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This is a space for those who are interested in what political parties, leaders, and others are tweeting about New Zealand politics and issues that affect our lives?

In-depth analysis of Twitter trends related to New Zealand’s issues

Analysis of various political leaders and parties

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About Us

Our aim is to encourage debate about current and future issues that are important to all New Zealanders; issues such as climate change and sustainability, prosperity, equity, health, education, and so many others.

Data Visualization

We use data from social media to help visualize online discussions and provide a clearer understanding of current thinking.

Issues Concerning New Zealand


79% (174 of 220 species) of our land species are either threatened with or at risk of extinction


NZ housing costs are higher than those of most OECD countries


Our productivity levels are considerably lower than the OECD median and that of Australia. Low productivity negatively affects household incomes


Twitter insights into political events

Twitter hashtags

Know more about twitter hashtags and their prevelence


Know more about international issues and trends and how these affect New Zealand

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We are on a mission to create awareness regarding the issues concerning New Zealand and its people’s safety, happiness, and progress. If you have something to share or contribute to, please feel free to contact us.