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A Platform to explore and enhance social media’s ability to connect together for the planet

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How connected are we? Our fragile Earth is running out of time to sustain life as we know it, we must act collectively.

For the next few months, the focus will be on COP26; as this forum (scheduled 1-12 Nov) is where world leaders need to take action on Climate Change

Data Visualization

We use data from social media to help visualize online discussions and provide a clearer understanding of current thinking.

In-depth analysis of Twitter trends related to COP26 and climate issues

Updated Power BI dashboards & data visualisations to provide insight, context, and momentum relating to Climate Action

Analysis of various World leaders and Forums

Concerning Issues

COP26 1-12 Nov

Avoiding climate catastrophe

Climate Change

Prominent climate hashtags #climateaction #togetherfortheplanet #climatecrisis


Twitter insights into political events

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Have a look at data on #FridaysForFuture

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We are on a mission to create national and international awareness of climate change. If you have something to share or contribute to, please feel free to contact us.